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Welcome to my original fiction archive! Before you dig in, I have a few requests for how I'd like us to interact.
  • Nearly all of my fiction involves gay male relationships. I write gay action heroes, because it's what I always wanted to read. If that's what you want to read too, you're going to like it here. If you're looking for fluffy romance or gooey pwp's... well, you should learn to like action instead, because it's totally better. :D
  • A lot of what I do is fairly gritty. You'll find my warning system explained here. You are responsible for your reading choices. If you read something that upsets you because you didn't look at the warnings, don't come complaining to me.
  • The warning icons, and many of the story icons, were drawn by Sarah Cloutier. She says you can take and use them, but be sure to give her proper credit.
  • You can comment wherever you like, but I'm most likely to see and respond to comments in the story's contents post.
  • Being prodded for updates is really demotivating for me. I don't update on a schedule, but the frequency's not too shabby, nothing here is abandoned, and it's all free to read. That being the case, my policy is to delete 'update moar plz' posts. Don't be sad. Their culling strengthens the herd.
  • Please do feel free to criticize the stories. Not all of them are in a position to be edited right now, but I always value your honest input. I don't subscribe to the internet-fiction culture of overpraise; I'd rather read thoughtful criticism than shallow ego-pettings. Believe me, my ego's plenty big enough already, and you'd only pose a danger to air traffic by inflating it further.
  • I'm more chatty over on riverside_hq than I am here. You should go there. It is a silly place.

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books are yummy

Taboo warnings explained

At the top of each short story, and on the table-of-contents post for each multi-chapter story, you'll find a series of little icons. These icons are taboo warnings. Their purpose is to tell you whether the story will make you uncomfortable. They're something of a compromise between detailed warnings, which can be spoilery, and simply saying the whole archive is for mature audiences, which doesn't help you locate the good gory porn. :D

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The 'Mental Bad Touch' icon is a blanket trigger warning. It means there's something in there that makes people squirm. Things like torture, issues of sexual consent, or bad things happening to children or animals. I don't fetishize that stuff, but sometimes the plot requires it. If you have a very specific trigger, go ahead and ask on the contents post.
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If you recently read 'The God Eaters' here in this archive... I'm sorry. I posted the wrong version somehow. I don't know how I still had an old version kicking around in my files, or how I managed to hide the current version from myself in a subdirectory of a subdirectory, but that's apparently what I did. I'm magic! And here everyone was asking me 'are there differences between this and the print version?' and I was all like 'no they're the same derp derp' all unawares. Whee!

Anyway! Fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

BRB pants on head LOL :B
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Setting this thing up was a lot more work than I thought it would be. To those whose friends pages I just spammed, apologies. It's a one-time thing. At least I kept the place set to 'private' until it was done, hey? Anyway, I have this nagging feeling that I should say something witty and interesting, but I kinda didn't sleep last night, so yeah, not at my wittiest.

Lemme see. What do you actually need to know. Well, I haven't taken my fic down from any of the places it's been lurking until now. I made this archive because y!Gallery and Fictionpress are kind of a hassle in various ways. I might still upload stuff in those places, but not religiously or speedily.

Friend status doesn't matter here. Things are either public or private. I don't have comments emailed to me, so I'm very likely to miss a few here and there. Nothing personal. There are just a lotta entries and only so much time. If you need an answer, comment somewhere central.

Speaking of which, since I finished this in a big rush all sleep-dep and derpy, it's very possible I've messed it up somehow. If you find broken links, duplicate chapters, etcetera, pretty please comment to this post so I can fix them soonest. Thankee!